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Living in God's Presence Video Series

Living in God's Presence Video Series

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Have you felt overwhelmed by the challenges of life? The secret to overcoming stress and worry is living in God's presence. He'll guide you and help you overcome. Through this inspiring series from the life of Moses, you'll discover how to know God, the authority you have over the enemy and how to possess your promised land. The Lord will help you solve every problem, meet every need and conquer every enemy.

Living in God's Presence is available on digital download.

Session 1 - God’s Answer for Every Problem (29 minutes)

Session 2 - The Secret of the Rod (28 minutes)

Session 3 - Leaving Egypt (34 minutes)

Session 4 - The Marah Solution (31 minutes)

Session 5 - Removing the Pharaoh (32 minutes)

Session 6 - The Promised Land Problem (31 minutes)

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