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Real Romance

Real Romance

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We are living in a time when the world receives sex as a god, and some churches reject sex as gross. Sadly, many people think the Bible has nothing useful to stay about our sex lives.

Song of Songs is the most debated, controversial, and sensual book in the entire Bible. So is it any wonder so many pastors and Bible teachers ignore it? They think it is just too hot to handle. It is hot, but we must handle it. We need to learn about sex, but we must understand what God has to say about it.

In Real Romance: Sex in the Song of Songs, Mark and Grace Driscoll will tell you why it is time to put fun back into Christian fundamentals with exciting information about Bible-based, red-hot monogamy. You will find answers to important questions about sex and marriage, such as:

  • Why is a sexually blunt, without blushing, book in the Bible?
  • How does the Song of Songs apply to your sex life?
  • How can an understanding of God’s Word give you hope, help, and healing in your
  • marriage?
  • How can you build your marriage and sex life on the Song of Songs?
  • How can God turn a real marriage mess into a real romance?
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