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Naked and Healthy - Preorder Now

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Pre-Order Naked and Healthy to Receive a signed copy (only available through the XO Store) while supplies last. Pre-orders valid through 02/15/2021

Release date: 02/16/2021

Naked and Healthy: Uncover the Lifestyle Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Marriage Need

From the authors of The Naked Marriage and The Naked Marriage Podcast, Dave and Ashley Willis share their own health and marriage battles to reveal why your personal well-being and the health of your marriage are inextricably connected.

- A strong marriage = two people dedicated to their mental, physical, and spiritual health.
- Your marriage will never be healthier than you are.
- Your spouse’s welfare and your own must be a priority.

Whether you are facing a debilitating disease, are working through mental health issues, aren’t enjoying sex because you don’t like your own body, or want to prepare yourself for unforeseen circumstances, Naked and Healthy will encourage you to experience growth and healing in all aspects of life, faith, and marriage. Some of the strongest marriages have faced exceptional challenges. However, when each spouse is committed to supporting the other through all situations, they create a healthier, more intimate marriage.

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