Tipping Point: The End is Here

Tipping Point: The End is Here

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We are living in tumultuous times. From corrupt world politics to global pandemics to an unprecedented rebellion against God and His word, humanity has reached a critical stage. 

In this eye-opening book, Jimmy Evans examines biblical prophecies about the end times and points to their unmistakable parallels with today's world. With a clear, insightful analysis of Scripture, he answers many common questions, such as:

  • Are we living in the end times?
  • How should Believers respond to increasing immorality?
  • Will Christians go through the Tribulation?
  • What role does Israel play in God's prophetic plan?
  • Are COVID-19 and other world events announcing the imminent return of Jesus?

Ultimately, Tipping Point will help you understand current events with confidence. There is no going back, but hope and peace are possible as God's plan unfolds, and we approach the end of the age. 

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Teresa L.
United States United States

It was very informative, easy to understand, great read. I've yet to find any other sources with this much information on the endtimes. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS BOOK!!! I'm trying to share all of this vital information with ANYONE who will listen. Teresa Lowe.

Julia M.
United States United States
Tipping Point

I liked it from the beginning and

United States United States
When life hurts

One of the best books I ever read it has helped grow and has thought me how important it is to forgive and how our childhood shapes us to our adulthood & most of the time we don't even realize it but God is in only one who can heal us when we trust in him & give him everything we have. All glory to God and thank you jimmy Evans for your amazing books. Looking forward to reading the rest of your books

United States United States
Excellent! Eye Opening Events

I highly recommend this well written book. It was an eye-opener to me and as I read it to my husband. It's important to know what is happening today and that we cannot change the past. Our Lord did not leave us blind-sided. Keep the Faith and Believe the Word of the Bible.

Tamara T.
United States United States
Tipping Point

Great information written in a clear easy to read format. I devoured it!

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