21 Day Inner Healing Journey Journal Only

21 Day Inner Healing Journey Journal Only

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A Step by Step Guide to Emotional Health

All of us have pain and baggage from our past, but few of us know how to deal with those hurts as they’re happening. The 21 Day Inner Healing Journey is a step by step guide to emotional health that will guide you from toxic emotions and bondage from the past and into total healing. This unique online experience provides 21 daily plans, over 2 hours of video content and personal application exercises that will help transform your life and relationships.

How the Journey Works 

1. Teaching Video on XO Now - Each day begins with a brief teaching video from Jimmy Evans. Take notes as you watch and listen—you’ll want to remember key points.
2. Scripture - Every session is accompanied by a relevant passage of Scripture. Digging into God’s Word is an essential step in this process.
3. Journal - You’ll encounter thought-provoking questions related to the teaching and the passage of Scripture. Answer these questions and work through any instructions.
4. Final Word - Watch this short, concluding video from Jimmy Evans. It recaps that day’s teachings and prepares you for the next day.



Your three-week journey will include videos from Jimmy Evans and reflection on the following issues:

Day 1 - Concepts of God
Day 2 - Concepts of Love
Day 3 - Concepts of Grace
Day 4 - The Spirit of God
Day 5 - The Flesh vs. the Spirit
Day 6 - Enter Diabolos
Day 7 - The Secret of the Soul
Day 8 - The Hurt Whisperer
Day 9 - The Power of the Word
Day 10 - Overcoming Mental Strongholds
Day 11 - Healing Toxic Emotions
Day 12 - The Secret of Forgiveness
Day 13 - Freedom from Condemnation and Shame
Day 14 - Freedom from Fear
Day 15 - Freedom from Envy and Jealousy
Day 16 - Freedom from the Fear of Man
Day 17 - The Power of Praise
Day 18 - The Power of Peace
Day 19 - The Power of Personal Accountability
Day 20 - Testing Our Emotional Health
Day 21 - Finishing the Journey

Journal Pages: 196

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Mark a.
United States United States
Morin Health

I am not done yet but it is absolutely a blessing to explore my heart and experience freedom on so many levels

XO Marriage 21 Day Inner Healing Journey Journal Only Review
Loree S.
United States United States

I absolutely love this journey. Through each day it brings me closer to my Father God. Set me free to love God more and to go in and shine His light in areas of my life that needed healing, repentance, restoration. I will go through the book as many times as I need to, to get the total freedom!

Cheryl M.
United States United States
21 Day Inner Healing Journey

It is the biggest blessing! It’s hard to even say, but it is doing a miracle in my life. So many nuggets to glean from this study. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to be set free!!!

Tim M.
United States United States
Life Changing

This course came into my life right at the perfect time. It is amazing how it can change your thought process and help you to see God in a whole new way. It also challenges you to think through your past and gives you the ability to overcome the negative thoughts that have dictated my life for so long. I highly recommend this course for anyone, especially if you are having struggles in life.

United States United States
Life Changing

1. First, I strongly recommend that NOT downloading and printing this workbook, because it’s 199 pages so it’s best to avoid printer wear and tear as well as the ink/toner and paper investments. It’s like a journal in many ways and if doing the journey as a couple, you'll each want your own personal copy. It’s totally worth the investment. 2. This isn’t just any video series and workbook, it has soul-searching depth and it is for those with a real relationship with Jesus, Yeshua, Christ, our Messiah. 3. This workbook is a major complement and essential accompaniment to this insightful and life changing journey. It’s very inclusive and I’ll often be going back to it to review certain lessons. 4. 21 days is not a prescriptive timeline. To get the most out of it, my wife and I are each taking the day's lessons at our own, individual paces. Each “day” for me is and will continue take 2-4 days on average. "It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” 5. Jimmy Evans is an extremely gifted, organized, frank, honest, intuitive counselor and writer and this series is a testament to the fact that he’s long since discovered and dedicated his life and gifts to exactly what our Lord put him here to do. We are nothing less than awed by - and sincerely grateful for - this experience.

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