ReLeader: How to Fix What You Didn't Break

ReLeader: How to Fix What You Didn't Break

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ReLeading is for the courageous. —Craig Groeschel

We've all seen organizations falter and ministries collapse. As the rubble piles high, most people run away, while only a select few run toward the wreckage. These brave souls are ReLeaders—gifted rebuilders called to restore what is broken.

In ReLeader, Jon Chasteen equips readers with a biblical framework and practical insights to successfully ReLead teams, departments, and organizations back to health. Drawing from his experiences revitalizing a church, a university, and more, Jon provides wisdom and encouragement for the unique challenges ReLeaders face. This book will teach ReLeaders:

  • How to rebuild a foundation of trust
  • Ways to persevere through conflicts and challenges
  • Why investing in culture and accountability safeguards the future
  • How to finish strong and reinforce the transformation

For pastors inheriting troubled churches, executives stepping into turnarounds, or anyone spearheading change, ReLeader is an indispensable guidebook.

With God’s help, you can rebuild it, even if you didn’t break it.

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