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Divine Marriage

Divine Marriage

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Discover The Blessing and Beauty of a Covenant Relationship 

Marriage is God's idea. The world views marriage as a social contract that changes according to the culture of the day. But the truth is, it is a divine covenant with an unchanging God who promises His blessings when we live by His design. Divine Marriage, by Luis and Kristen Román, is a practical guide to help you and your spouse experience the presence of God in every area of your relationship.

In this book, you will learn: 

  • The benefits of living in a covenant marriage
  • How our differences are our greatest strength
  • How to experience deeper levels of communication
  • God’s design for sexual fulfillment 
  • How to overcome the enemies that rob our peace 
  • Supernatural solutions for family finances
  • How to raise secure and happy children who love God 
  • Practical wisdom for blended families 


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