The Counterfeit Climax - Digital

The Counterfeit Climax - Digital

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Every sexual mindset, habit, or experience pursued by false beliefs is a “counterfeit climax” in the making, and they could be sabotaging the level of intimacy you are experiencing with your spouse right now. Deep-rooted insecurity from harsh teachings you may have learned about sex or unseen habits like pornography are leading factors to sexual dissatisfaction and false sexual expectations. It’s one thing to discover these hurts, but it’s an entirely different undertaking to talk about it with your spouse in a healthy way.

With Dave and Ashley’s trusted advice and compassion, including their own transparent stories, The Counterfeit Climax is written for anyone who is single and working through painful experiences, engaged and learning about their significant other, or married and desiring to restore or deepen intimacy with their spouse.  Each chapter will help guide you through talking about your sexual burdens so that you can find freedom and pleasure within your marriage. It’s time to confront all the lies the world has fed us about sex, romance, and relationships and pursue God’s design for the most fulfilling marriage and sex life. 


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